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What every new writer on Medium can learn from this single verse of the Bhagavad Gita.

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The Bhagavad Gita is one of the greatest spiritual books ever written.

This hyperbole is completely justified for this book, purely based on the number of discussion, debates, adaptations and interpretations that it has…

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I looked at the tiny mole on the junction of my wife’s pinkie and index finger. It was where it had always been. A reminder that she was the One.

‘Could you let go of my hand, Joe?’

I looked up, my fingers still intertwined with hers. The street lamp…

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A high level overview of this multi-criteria decision making method along with a use-case.


Through the course of a lifetime, a human makes a number of decisions, ranging from the most trivial ones that have almost no impact, to those that have life changing consequences. And almost always, these situations involve X number of options and Y number of criteria that they are judged…

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Data Science

Using Empirical Mode Decomposition to understand wholesale prices of my favorite beverages!


My mornings usually begin with a mug of steaming black coffee. No, it’s not the expensive gourmet stuff, but the instant coffee powder that powers me through the rest of the morning.

My evenings are usually more mellow, with a nice cup of strong Indian tea and perhaps a couple…

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The second part of the step-by-step walk-through to analyze and predict the survival of heart failure patients.


In the previous post, we looked at the heart failure dataset of 299 patients, which included several lifestyle and clinical features. That post was dedicated to an exploratory data analysis while this post is geared towards building prediction models.


The motivating question is— ‘What are the chances of survival of…

Top 200 words in the last 21 years of independence day speeches in India (credit…

EDA of 21 years of Indian Independence day speeches and predicting speech length for 15 August 2020


A few days ago I was sitting in my apartment and contemplating this question — “Will this Independence Day be any different than the last?

Of course it will. For obvious reasons.

And that question led me to another question — “Knowing that it will be different, what will the…

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